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Why Choose us?

With many years of experience, we can design and manufacture your requirements right here in Queensland.

True Manufacturing Focussed Design

By considering manufacturability in every step of the design process we can ensure that your product can be manufactured to meet your price requirements.

Australian Manufacturing

We perform all of our manufacturing and assembly in-house, using only quality components sourced globally from our vetted suppliers.

Strong Partnerships

Our customers are more than just clients; we believe that strong, long term business relationships result in the best results for all parties.

Who are we?

We are your electronic engineering specialists. Our team is passionate about all aspects of the electronic design and manufacturing process, from working with customers specifying their initial requirements, right through to delivery of the completed production product. By providing both design and manufacture in-house we can ensure that designs are highly optimised for manufacture right from the get-go, minimising cost and maximising reliability.

All of our manufacturing is done right here in Queensland. We source only quality components from authorised distributors and vetted manufacturers in Asia, which gives us the confidence to guarantee no grey-market or counterfeit ICs.

Although we have the most extensive expertise in the wastewater and water pumping industries, we have designed and manufactured products for happy customers in a wide variety of industries, from automotive to scientific to agricultural.


Electronic Design

We offer full electronic product design capabilities. Our experience enables us to optimally tailor the right combinations of electronic and mechanical design for your application.

Firmware/Software Design

We are specialists in Microchip PIC microcontrollers but are also experienced in ARM based systems. Where PC based software is required we are able to program both console and GUI solutions.


As a standard part of our design and development service, full electronic and mechanical prototyping is provided in house by our skilled technicians. We have the ability to fabricate almost any mechanical components necessary to prove the design before committing to production.

Australian Standards

We are fully versed in designing and verification testing electrical products to meet the mandatory Australian electrical safety standards requirements, including AS/NZS 3100 and AS/NZS 60335. We can facilitate formal, accredited testing and certification of products where necessary.

PCB Assembly

We operate our own SMT line for efficient, reliable assembly of electronic circuit boards. Our modern wave soldering equipment facilitates cost effective, highly repeatable soldering of larger through hole components.

Product Assembly and Test

We are able to prepare enclosures using CNC equipment, ready for final assembly of the design into a finished product. Well documented test procedures and computer controlled automated testing systems allow us to ensure that every product shipped is 100% functional.

Wastewater Treatment Controls

Our waste treatment system controls are now sold under our new brand Treatment Tech

As an OEM manufacturer of AWTS controllers for several various domestic waste treatment systems we are able to offer servicing direct to the end customer and service agents.

We will gladly advise – at no cost – the condition of a received repair and whether or not the repair will be economical. We can then either dispose of the item or return it to you, and then arrange a replacement unit through our many industry contacts.

If sending in a repair please fill out and include a Repair Return Form.

We can repair the collowing controllers:

  • Ozzi Kleen MkII
  • Ozzi Kleen MkIV
  • Bio Treat

Service agents please inquire about opening an account with us.

Magic Breed

The next generation Magic Breed Plus can be found at

Our personnel have been involved with Magic Breed since it was devised 40 years ago. In July 2018 Magic Breed Australia ceased trading and are no longer able to provide any customer support. As the long term contract manufacturer of the Magic Breed foaling alarm system we have now taken over the role of providing support, servicing and repairs of this product into the future.

We are happy to offer phone support to help with diagnosing any issues you are having with your Magic Breed foaling alarm, but before calling please follow the troubleshooting guide below to help rule out some basic issues and help us to help you. If it seems that your Magic Breed system is faulty we may be able to repair it for you. Please phone first and we can assess whether repair will be possible, as it's no longer possible to purchase many of the components used in the original Magic Breed design.

Please note that at this stage there are no new Magic Breed main components (transmitters, receivers or pagers) available for sale. Plug packs and antennas are however still available.


Electronic & Electrical Solutions is located on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, just 1 hour North of the Brisbane Airport.


3/9 Rawlins Circuit, Kunda Park, QLD 4556, Australia


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