Domestic Waste Treatment System Controllers

As an OEM manufacturer of controllers for several various domestic waste treatment systems we are able to offer servicing direct to the end customer and service agents. While some waste treatment system manufacturers are advising end customers to replace faulty units with a brand new one (at considerable cost) it’s important to understand that in many cases these controllers can be repaired – at an average cost of around $140.00.

We will gladly advise – at no cost – the condition of a received repair and whether or not the repair will be economical. We can then either dispose of the item or return it to you, and then arrange a replacement or refurbished unit through our many industry contacts.

The controller repairs we specialise in includes:


Note that due to hard to source parts and poor reliability of these units we are no longer providing services to repair Ozzi Kleen MkIII controllers. We instead recommend replacing with a new EES70 controller.

If you have a controller that is not on the list feel free to contact us, as we are still likely to be able to repair it.

Service agents please inquire about opening an account with us.

Before sending a repair in, please fill in and attach the Repair Return Form.

Magic Breed

As of July 2018 Magic Breed have closed their business so Electronics & Electrical Solutions are now providing support for the Magic Breed products. Please read the Magic Breed support information here.