At EE Solutions we can provide any degree of manufacturing required; from basic assembled circuit boards through to complete, retail packaged final products.

We operate the following production equipment:

  • ESD protected PCB hand loading and soldering stations
  • Seho 1135 wave solder machine
  • Custom CNC machining for processing plastic enclosures
  • Manual drilling station for metal enclosures



Electronic Assembly

Depending on complexity and volume, EE Solutons is able to offer a range of options to suit your electronic assembly needs. Low to medium volume is generally produced in house using through hole mounting components that are either hand or wave soldered. For larger volume products we use surface mounting technology assembled by our overseas contract manufacturing partner.

Wave Soldering

We operate a Seho 1135 wave soldering machine for 63/37 tin/lead soldering of printed circuit boards. Leaded components are processed using automatic trimming and forming machine and then loaded into the boards by hand, prior to wave soldering.

Mixed technology (surface mount devices and through hole) can also be soldered this way.


Mechanical Assembly

We are able to prepare enclosures via both drilling and CNC laser cutting, ready for installation of completed PCBs. Our team are able to assemble connectors, switches, indicators, keypads and any other mechanical parts of the design required for a finished product.


Final Assembly and Test

For projects requiring production of a complete product, we are capable of full product finalisation and thorough testing.
For rapid, thorough testing of critical and/or high volume products we fabricate custom made, computer controlled automated testing systems, as seen here.


Packaging and Dispatch

Finished product can be packaged to the client’s specification and shipped wherever required. We can ship either in bulk to the client or individually to the end customer if required.