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In July 2018 Magic Breed Australia ceased trading and are no longer able to provide any customer support. As the long term contract manufacturer of the Magic Breed foaling alarm system we have now taken over the role of providing support, servicing and repairs of this product into the future.

We are happy to offer phone support to help with diagnosing any issues you are having with your Magic Breed foaling alarm, but before calling please follow the troubleshooting guide below to help rule out some basic issues and help us to help you.

If it seems that your Magic Breed system is faulty we can repair it for you. Previously Magic Breed have performed servicing and repairs in a “fixed price” model but this is no longer the case – all work will be quoted after receiving and assessing your items. Please fill in and send the Repair Return Form with your items to ensure that we have all of your contact details and minimise our turnaround time.

Please note that at this stage there are no new Magic Breed main components (transmitters, receivers or pagers) available for sale. Plug packs and antennas are however still available.

To get in contact with us please see our contact information.


Troubleshooting Guide

1. Functional Test

The first test is to activate the transmitter (Tx) in close proximity (within a few metres) of the receiver (Rx). Turn the receiver on – the green “power” light should be on. With a battery fitted in the transmitter, tilt the transmitter on its side so that the red light is on. After 10 seconds the receiver should sound and its red alarm LED will flash. Stand the Tx upright (light will go off) and then switch off the Rx and then on again to reset it.

If the alarm does not sound then it’s likely that there is an issue with the system and it will need to be returned for repair.

2. Range Testing

To test the Magic Breed system for range, lay the transmitter on its back (red led will light) on the ground in the area that you wish to test. After a delay of 10 seconds the receiver should sound and its led will flash.

3. Sudden Reduced Range

If the range has suddenly decreased noticeably since the last time the system was used it is most likely that some kind of interference has been introduced in that time. The causes for this fall into two broad categories: physical interference and electromagnetic interference.

Physical Interference

Physical interference can take the form of sheds, wire mesh fences, or the Rx aerial is damaged or not installed correctly, ie. Don’t run or wrap the aerial wire along or around metal or electrical conduits. If the Rx is in the house, tinted windows, metal flyscreens, building foil in the walls etc can shield the aerial.

Electromagnetic Interference

Electromagnetic interference is caused by other electrical items in the vicinity of the Magic Breed system. Traditionally, other items operating around the 27MHz band were the primary sources but many other items can also have an impact. The biggest causes of late have been the installation of cheap LED lighting and/or fixed wireless NBN internet.

The best way to rule out electromagnetic interference is to power down and if possible switch off at the wall all electrical devices in the house. This includes all light switches and the NBN modem – only the Magic Breed receiver should be powered on. Repeat the testing to see if the range has improved; if this is the case then electromagnetic interference is likely the issue. It should be possible to pinpoint the source of the interference by switching items back on one by one and performing a range test each time.

If an item is causing electromagnetic interference it does not necessarily mean that there is a fault with that unit. The Magic Breed system uses a very old 27MHz modulation technique that is simply very prone to interference from modern electronics. Is possible the solution may be just to switch off the interfering device at night while monitoring for foaling.

4. Antennas

The aerial or antenna is the necessary link with the Rx and the radio waves coming from the Tx on the mare and its quality, type and installation is of vital importance for reliable communication. The best aerial is a tuned 27 Mhz CB type coupled to the rear socket of the Magic Breed Rx via a 50 ohm coaxial cable. However if there are ideal conditions the internal telescopic aerial or the external wire antenna may work just fine. This wire may be extended to any length required to cover a larger area say, strung from the house to a tree or post (fencing wire is ok) but insulate the wire from any metal or tree with an insulator.

27MHz CB whip antennas and accessories can be purchased from Jaycar electronics using the following part numbers:

DC2030 27MHz 3ft helical whip

DC3066 UHF External Antenna Base