As qualified electronic engineers and technicians with many years of experience we adept at delivering a design that meets your budget and technical requirements. Our engineering capabilities include the following:

Electronic Design

EE Solutions offer full design capabilities in both through hole and surface mounting technology. Our experience enables us to optimally tailor the right combinations of electronic and mechanical design for your application.
All aspects of the electronic design are created digitally using software such as Altium Designer, with LTSpice used for simulation and analysis where required.

Software Design

As a Microchip Authorized Design Partner PIC Microcontrollers are our speciality and we have extensive experience with Microchip MPLAB and Hi Tech/Microchip XC Compiler tools for microcontroller firmware design. Where PC based software is required we are able to program both console and GUI solutions in C. We are also experienced in creation of web-based GUI systems for integration with electronics for applications such as remote telemetry.

Graphic Design

We are experienced at creating and working with vector artwork for items such as labels, membrane keypads and documentation. This includes incorporating client logos and specifying appropriate Pantone colours. Such elements are very important for ensuring that products have a polished, professional appearance.

Mechanical Design

Where possible we integrate off-the-shelf enclosures for ease of procurement but for various reasons some projects require something custom made. We have experience with 3D modelling tools such as Rhinoceros 4.0 for the design of components intended for injection moulding. These parts can be fabricated in a number of ways for prototyping and we work with highly professional overseas companies for economical injection moulding.

Product Safety Standards

We are fully versed in designing and verification testing electrical products to meet the electrical safety standards requirements that are mandatory for sale of such devices in Australia, including:

  • AS/NZS 3100
  • AS/NZS 60335

We can facilitate formal, accredited testing and certification of products where necessary. We are also registered as a responsible supplier on the EESS database and can advise our clients’ related obligations.


As a standard part of our design and development service, full electronic and mechanical prototyping is provided in house by our skilled technicians. We have access to equipment such as a CNC router, lathe, milling machine, laser cutter and 3D printer, enabling us to fabricate almost any mechanical components necessary to prove the design before committing to production.